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Violation: Definition – Description – Clarification – Commentary – Explanation – Illustration

Published 4/13/2024

  • Violation Removal DOB. To view violations on your property in NYC, access the Buildings Information System (BIS). Refer to the BIS Property Profile Overview for the number of open DOB violations. Detailed information on certain DOB violations is available in BIS. If detailed information is not available, you may request copies of DOB violations from the issuing unit. The processing fee is $8.00 per copy for each violation; each additional duplicate copy of a violation is $5.00. You may also file a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request through NYC OpenRecords. #nycdobviolations
  • Violation Removal NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx
  • Landmark Violations removed NYC
  • HPD violations Removedcontractors
  • Violations dismissals – it could be done by using Janco company
  • plumbing violations
  • electrical violations
  • boiler violations
  • structural violation

Commentary – Illustration in our Gallery of pictures

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