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Permit, Permit Expediting: Definition – Description – Clarification – Commentary – Explanation – Illustration

building permit
building renovation permit is a necessity as understand by NYC DOB

Published 4/15/2024

  • Permit, permitting it means that a building permit is necessary when you decide to construct, demolish, or change the use of a building.
  • New York City laws require that permits be obtained before starting construction work. The procedure for filing an application for construction permits in New York City is increasingly difficult to navigate. Hire a professional to make it happened. Although the process varies somewhat between the boroughs, in most cases, permit applications involve a New York State licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA), as well as a licensed contractor. If you don’t already have an Architect, engineer or contractor, ask for help. We can connect you to the right licensed professionals for your project. 

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