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Foundation, Foundation repair: Definition – Description – Clarification – Commentary – Explanation – Illustration

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Published 4/15/2024

  • The foundation is the lowest part of a building that is in direct contact with the soil and transfers the load from the structure to the ground. 
  • Does your home have basement foundation problems? Do you see a foundation cracks, floor cracks or a wall cracks and now worry how much does foundation repair cost? Is   foundation repair  urgent or it can be postponed for some time? If postponed, Does foundation settlements, sinking or cracking means it will worsen in near future and lead to other foundation problems?  Questions and worries like these can make you lose sleep at night. Even though NYC foundation repair is necessary, it does not necessary mean that it will cost you an arm and a leg. The key is to deal with the right foundation repair company in NYC and never delay because with time, the issue will become a serious one. 
  • Groundwork
  • Sustructure
  • Footing

Foundation – Illustration in our Gallery of pictures

Who can fix your broken foundation for you?

Understand the process of fixing broken foundation


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