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Environmental Control Board: Building:

Published 4/11/2024

  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL BOARD (ECB) VIOLATION An ECB violation is a notice that a property does not comply with a provision of the NYC Building Code and/or NYC Zoning Resolution. ECB violations are resolved at the Environmental Control Board, an administrative law court, where a civil penalty may be imposed although the violations are entered against the property in the Department of Buildings Information System (BIS).
  • Resolving an ECB violation imposes two obligations:
  • (a) to pay a civil penalty and correct the violating condition
  • (b) to file a Certificate of Correction with the Department of Buildings at its main office either by mail or in person. To certify correction, file a Certificate of Correction form with accompanying proof that the condition has been corrected. If the Department accepts the proof, the property’s record in BIS will show that the violation was corrected and certificate accepted. If a violation is dismissed at ECB, it will continue to appear as “open” in BIS until acceptable proof is submitted that the violating condition has been corrected even if the penalty imposed at ECB has been paid.
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